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Beyond History – India’s Buried Treasure

Evening my ninjas.

Welcome to another post about ancient history and some of the cool shit we never learned about in school.

Tonight we will be discussing the Bay of Cambay and an ancient city called Dwarka, which translates to The Golden City. Scientists discovered the underwater city in early 2002. Its located about 120 feet below the surface of the ocean in the Gulf of Cambay off the coast of India.

The city is fairly large at five miles long and two miles wide, and scientists estimate the site to be around 9,500 years old, which puts the find around 5000 years older than the known history of the Indian culture. What’s even crazier is that that some of the buildings and remains of its inhabitants are still intact.
There exists a legend that says Kirshna, a Hindu god built a beautiful and prosperous city. Is Dwarka the city of the gods? Not sure, but how cool would that be?!

Stay curious my friends.

Beyond History – Mayan Mythology

Evening ninjas.

I’m currently researching Mayan mythology, specifically Mayan monster mythology.

Perfect timing for Halloween.

In my books I have genetically manipulated creatures called Cryptids, that the heroes must battle from time to time. Different types of Cryptids have given rise to different monster myths around the world. In the book creatures like werewolves, trolls, and a slew of other things that go bump in the night can be traced back to Cryptids.

In book 2 of Child of Atlantis, my protagonists find themselves at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Mexico.
While there, they have to battle this bad boy.
This, in Mayan mythology is known as the Huay Chivo. According to myth the Huay Chivo is a sorcerer who can transform into half man and half beast with burning red eyes.

The Huay Chivo has also recently been associated with the Chupacabras, another South American monster legend.

Commonly, the Huay Chivo is depicted as a half man – half goat, as seen here.
The creature has been known to cause mischief and attack livestock. To add fuel to the fire, I’ve depicted the Huay Chivo as a guard for an ancient relic in the Temple of One Thousand Warriors.
Research for my books is a ton of fun especially when my research brings me to mythical monsters! Expect book 2 of Child of Atlantis to be available in November 2014!

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!


Beyond History – Pyramids

Evening ninjas.

When the Great Pyramids of Egypt were first created they were gleaming white. During the final stages of construction, a layer of white casing stones were put into place. These casing stones were cut with a level of such precision that it created a smooth slope to the pyramids, which is in stark contrast to how they appear today. The original casing stones were made of highly polished limestone, that reflected the sun’s rays, and were thought to be accurate within 1/100th of an inch. That’s just a little more accurate than the shed I built in my backyard.
Interestingly enough, the pyramid shape can be found around the world. Different cultures, separated by thousands of miles all ‘coincidentally’ designed their own versions of the pyramid.

In my novel, Child of Atlantis, I postulate that the descendants of Atlantis acted as a sort of proto culture, permeating their culture and knowledge throughout the world. While this would certainly explain the world pyramid phenomenon, there isn’t any unifiable proof out there, at least that we know of, to suggest that actually happened. It makes for a great storyline though. So what was it? Was there some sort of global civilization that existed thousands of years ago, or did the ancients all come up with the idea of building pyramids individually? I don’t even want to get started on how all those people had the ability to even build the damn things in the first place! It is a mystery… and that’s why we love it!

Beyond History – Puma Punku

Good evening my history loving ninjas. Tonight let’s look at a place called Puma Punku in Bolivia.

I’ve been slaving away on book 2 of Child of Atlantis and there is a certain part of the book where my characters head to South America. So, my research brought me to the plethora of ancient ruins found in this beautiful part of the world.

One particular place that I found extremely intriguing was this place.


Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco, South America. You’re looking at that photo and thinking, “okay, another set of ruins… what’s so impressive?”

I was hoping you would ask that! Let’s look around and examine some of the finer details shall we?

Exhibit A


These carved stone heads line the length of a wall amongst the ruins. The crazy thing is that researchers believe that the faces are representative of different cultures from different parts of the world. Last time I checked, Southwest Airlines wasn’t quite up and running in 500 BC. Then there is this stone head amongst the carvings…


Make your own assumptions. I’m not touching that one. Spoiler alert… it’s an alien head!

Exhibit B



Precise, heavy ass stones. These stones are composed of granite and diorite. Pretty hard to work with precision and some of the stones are said to weigh up to 130 tons. Not to mention the nearest quarry was about 10 miles away.

Exhibit C


Interlocking stones. Yup, these were the first set of Legos made by humankind. These hard to cut stones, that were crazy heavy were also designed to interlock with one another. This is unique to any ruins found in the Americas. The interlocking stones were thought to create a structure that was four levels high. I did mention that these stones were heavy right?

Bottomline, we only have a small understanding of this location. Researchers aren’t sure who built this place or when. Today it sits in ruins from some cataclysm in the far past. Maybe one day it’s secrets will be unlocked. Keep digging my ninjas. May peace be your journey.

Beyond History – Happy Halloween!!

Greetings ninjas. These next three months are my favorite time of year. I thought I’d share a cool graphic I found in the interweb.

Myths have to come from somewhere. There is usually a grain of truth in many myths and legends. Here is a list of the real life inspirations for the monsters and legends that we know and love. Enjoy!


Beyond History – Ancient Computers


Salutations my Ninjas. Check it out, ancient computers! Yup, mind blown.

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient mechanical computer that was created to calculate astronomical positions.

It was recovered in 1900–1901 from the Antikythera wreck, hence its name.

Crazy thing is, its significance and complexity were not really understood until years later.

It’s construction has been dated to the early 1st century BCE. Technological artifacts of similar complexity and workmanship did not reappear until the 14th century, when mechanical astronomical clocks were built in Europe (at least, that we know of).

The picture at the bottom is a modern reconstruction of the device. Having the knowledge to construct such a complex device at a time when traditional historians say was not possible is intriguing to say the least, but having the foresight to build a device to track the stars suggests our ancestors had an even greater understanding of humankind’s place in the universe.

Beyond History – Mayan Rocket Man

Greetings ninjas. I came across this while researching the viability of ancient Atlantean’s having the power of flight for my Child of Atlantis books.

(603-683 AD) This is an ancient artifact found in the ruins of Palenque, Mexico. It was the lid of a sarcophagus found in a pre-Columbian temple. This image has given rise to a lot of speculation over the possibility of ancient human’s ability of flight.

This coffin cover has an elaborate design that, traditional archaeologists say, shows a persons ascension into heaven.

As you look at the image, rotate it 90 degrees to the left. With very little imagination it is easy to see a person piloting a sort of mechanical craft. Wishful thinking or solid proof? I don’t really know. Sure is fun to think about.


Beyond History – Ancient Lightbulbs

Salutations my ninjas.

Last post we talked about the Baghdad Battery and the possibility of the ancients harnessing the power of electricity. Moving along that same train of thought – may I present the Ancient Egyptian Lightbulb!

Beneath the Temple of Hathor at Dendera there are inscriptions depicting a bulb-like object which some have suggested is reminiscent of a “Crookes tube” (an early lightbulb).

Wether that inscription is of a lightbulb or not the fact is that only the Ancients will ever truly know. The evidence is intriguing. Today, scientists are starting to realize that the ancient civilizations had already invented alot of technology that are attributed to modern inventors. This inscription just might be proof of that.

Thanks for tuning in. May peace be your journey.